Employee Benefit Solutions

Capital Administrative Services, Inc. offers employers a simple solution to managing worksite benefits.

Our client support system includes:

  • Plan design and annual plan reviews
  • Benefit administration and recommendations
  • Contract negotiations and renewals
  • Employee education and communication
  • Lifetime financial security protection tools
  • Wellness management resources
  • Work‐life balance incentives

In the aftermath of an unprecedented year, we understand the employers need to reprioritize their top benefits objectives. With over 100 years of collective experience, our team enables employers to control cost, retain employees and increase production using an extensive base of insurance and financial expertise.

Employees value benefits more than ever. Resourcefully aligning core and voluntary benefits together will give employers the competitive edge needed to survive in a challenging economy and thrive in the recovery.

Billing Solutions

The support Capital Administrative Services extends to our clients is more than just billing administration, it’s an experience. Partnerships are created with providers, agents, brokers, employers and clients to promote successful and long‐standing benefit programs.

Over 40 years ago we developed a billing system that is now the industry standard to minimize employer responsibility, reduce provider agent/broker costs, and create valuable client relationships.

Our payroll accounting management system includes:

  • Consolidated billing
  • Electronic statements and deposits
  • Manual statements and paper checks
  • Multiple and single source deductions
  • Refund and pay warrant cancellations
  • Multiple product and vendor allocation
  • Client retention tools

From group to voluntary worksite marketing to individual products, the scope of our administration is determined by the employer, provider or agent/broker. Each payor is assigned an account. We track payroll deductions for single or multiple payor records and single or multiple carriers service providers. We individually manage the payor’s account to prevent unintentional lapses or terminations.

As an experienced group benefits administrator, we understand the nuances of payroll frequencies and the impact on data transmission between employers and benefit providers. Although this process can be challenging— we believe in a simple system, with simple tools for sound customer service.

Using over 100 combined years of sales and administration experience, our team is dedicated to the success of our clients business through increasing sales volume, expanding market opportunity, and working collectively on solutions. With our expertise we can help maintain over 90% persistency on payroll deduction business.